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Shanghai Worldyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Putuo District, Shanghai, China. Our company is committing itself to the fine chemical products manufacturing and supplying. We have factories and R&D branch in Jiangsu, Shangdong and Zhejiang Provinces.
Our company, relying on two well-know universities in Shanghai as technical support, puts a high value on product research and development. Principal investigator of the R&D center, who graduated from Shanghai Medical University,has been awarded two doctoral degrees,one in Shanghai Medical University anf the other in France.


>Pyridine Chemistry

Pyridine and its derivatives are more stable than benzene and their reactivity is similar to that of nitrobenzene. A typical aroma

>Pyridine Aromaticity

The structure of pyridine is very similar to that of benzene. The carbon-carbon bond in the pyridine molecule is 139 pm, which is


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