Inorganic Compound

  • Lithium Chloride

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    Lithium Chloride

    Lithium Chloride Anhydrous Battery Grade/Technical Grade Licl Lithium Chloride Anhydrous CAS 7447-41-8 is a kind of white crystalline power,and it can be divided into 2 kinds,anhydrous and monohydrate.we’ve been specialized in produced in it since 2001,it is widely used in... Read More

  • Lithium Bromide

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    Lithium Bromide

    Lithium Bromide Anhydrous extrapure, 99% 7550-35-8 Lithium bromide7550-35-8 is prepared by treatment of lithium carbonate with hydrobromic acid. The salt forms several crystalline hydrates, unlike the other alkali metal bromides.[3] The anhydrous salt forms cubic... Read More

  • Lithium Fluoride

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    Lithium Fluoride

    Sintering Lithium Fluoride 7789-274-4 Factory China Supply Lithium Fluoride 7789-274-4 is a white powder, soluble in acid, hardly soluble in water, insoluble in methanol and propanone. Its relative density is 2.653. It reacts with HF to form LiHF2. Quick Details Specification... Read More

  • Sodium Periodate

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    Sodium Periodate

    High Purity Sodium Periodate CAS No.: 7790-28-5 Sodium periodate CAS 7790-28-5 is an inorganic salt, composed of a sodium cation and the periodate anion. It may also be regarded as the sodium salt of periodic acid. Like all periodates it can exist in two different forms:... Read More

  • Potassium Hexafluorophosphate

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    Potassium Hexafluorophosphate

    Potassium hexafluorophosphate supplier CAS NO.17084-13-8 potassium hexafluorophosphatis an important raw material intermediate used inganic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals dyestuff. Quick Details Specification Application Potassium Hexafluorophosphate is a water... Read More

  • Silver Nitrate

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    Silver Nitrate

    Silver Nitrate with Cheap Price7761-88-8 Silver nitrate 7761-88-8 is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO 3. This compound is a versatile precursor to many other silver compounds, such as those used in photography. It is far less sensitive to light than the... Read More

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